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Von hjingc62, am 01.02.2016 00:00:52
Hello my friends


Nice to meet you! My name is Rachel.I come from China.I h***e many hobbies,such as reading,listening to music,go hiking,chatting,cooking and so on. If  you h***e one of them, maybe we can chat about it. I love English very much,but I am not very good at it. I h***e the desire to learn it well.If somgone of you like it too, I hope we can be  learning partner and practice it together. I am looking forward to it!  Following is my wechat or QQ ID953881364,if you h***e one,welcome to add me!Thanks you!

Von arabe19, am 13.02.2016 03:16:11
RE: Hello my friends
Hi rachel , nice to meet to . i hope too, so you can contact with me anytime. best wishes, anas
Von hjingc62, am 17.02.2016 23:19:37
RE: RE: Hello my friends
Ok, thankyou very much.