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This group is in English. Practice and share Business English advice with professionals across all industries.
Sprache: English
Mitglieder: 10394
Leiter: Larissa (Administrator) und samantha

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Von ltkachenko18, am 21.12.2015 01:25:06
Hi, everyone

Hello, everybody! I'm Leonid from Moscow, Russia. I'm looking for friends from over the world to improve my English and share ideas. Let's talk together. My facebook page is My skype ID is albert_einshtein_space. My viber is +7 967 150 45 10

Von wwangyingc14, am 08.10.2016 02:34:23
RE: Hi, everyone
well, i'd like to share ideas with you, that would be very fantastic. my wechat is wy20155188. please kindly add me if you like. i'm looking forward to hearing from u.
Von sbilal52, am 30.10.2016 20:34:52
RE: RE: Hi, everyone
Hello ..every one , I like your idea Leonid .. also I looking to shear me idea with some people from other cultures and make practice for the English language .. and the is my facebook page
Von RNogueira513, am 06.12.2016 19:21:26
RE: RE: RE: Hi, everyone
add me 055 37 999364742 skype = rodrigo.nogueira01
Von llync13, am 20.12.2016 01:46:40
RE: RE: RE: RE: Hi, everyone
next to meet you, we learn from each other
Von OBaer4, am 26.12.2016 02:01:48
RE: Hi, everyone
It's a good idea =)
Von tchentingtingc, am 08.03.2017 03:56:37
RE: Hi, everyone
Hi, I do really want to h***e some friends from different country, we can share our idea and culture.That would be funny. my skype: kuailen68, wechat ID: xiaoTi68