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Soll die Diskussion World (SouthAmerican) Cup wirklich gelöscht werden?
Von FDouradoCordeiro1, am 01.07.2014 21:18:00
World (SouthAmerican) Cup

Hey everyone! Are you following the matches in World Cup?  Brazil, Argentina, Colombia...Which one is your hope?

Von VShimamoto2, am 08.07.2014 23:24:49
RE: World (SouthAmerican) Cup
What happened with Brazil team against Germany!? haha... I was hoping a final between Brazil and Argentina, but maybe next time! Now, I am supporting the Germany team, they deserve to win this WC!
Von FDouradoCordeiro1, am 09.07.2014 10:53:05
RE: RE: World (SouthAmerican) Cup
That was very incommun! But I think Brazil X Argentina will fight for 3rd place. I prefer to support Netherlands! They always play very well but never win!