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Von NGomes465, am 11.12.2013 10:14:41
From Brazil to worldwide

Hello friends, I am Ney Gomes, I'm from Brazil.

I live in the Amazonia and would like to chat, meet new people, practice English etc..

I'm an archaeologist and I love traveling. I know almost all of South America, much of Europe, but never been to Africa or Asia.

I do not write very well, but reasonably speak...

Greetings to all.

Von MZhangc521, am 08.01.2014 00:30:20
RE: From Brazil to worldwide
Hi NGomes, I enjoy traveling too. I love going to the beach and hiking in the mountain. I like your photograph with the background mountain.
Von NGomes465, am 10.01.2014 11:12:50
RE: RE: From Brazil to worldwide
Hi... Where are you from? In Brazil we have a lot of beaches, came on!!!