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Von ABoraliev, am 29.08.2011 06:51:28
Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???

Hi, all

In this thread I want to discuss a bad and a good things of operation systems, in particular on Linux against Windows server systems. I was a Linux system administrator for four years, and now I'm administering Windows 2008 servers. And of course I want to learn an English language on verbal and written level.
Von mhamil, am 29.08.2011 07:08:27
RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
great experience that you have . tell us your personal opinion :)
Von ABoraliev, am 29.08.2011 07:50:24
RE: RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
Hi ;-) I started studding Linux OS, in 1998 year. I had an i386 PC with 8 MB RAM. First Linux distribution who I was able to install on my PC was the Caldera Open Linux with a X graphical interface. It was great success, because internet in my country was so expensive and I could learn only from books and from CD’s .The graphical interface was terrible, because my video card was a cheaper one and a mouse pointer was lagging on my desktop. Then I decided to switch back on command line interface and I started to learn it. It was exciting time. Now I’m working in Government Company in BG, and the work environment is mixture of wide range of operating systems. I think that Linux operating system is more stable and predictable from Windows operating system. But from other point of view, Windows operating system is more user friendly, and a system administrator with minimal experience and knowledge may support it. What is your point of view???
Von mhamil, am 29.08.2011 08:17:53
RE: RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
i do not have much experience , i still new in the field but i tried both windows operating system and linux ( i mad a project using it with command line ) . i loved linux more even that it was hared to remember all the commands , very exiting and mmm i think less problem then windows . but at the end windows win because it is more common here more than linux even in education filed . so i am a computer science student i still a beginner and i have simple skills in my opinion , i hope to improve my knowledge . and that is my humble opinion .
Von ABoraliev, am 31.08.2011 00:41:09
RE: RE: RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???

You don’t need to know, all those commands, and you need to know how to get help for them. Every command have help on it , you can see the help when you start a command with “—help” argument. The Linux and other open source projects have a full documentation inside him. You may use man pages inside your distribution. Here are a simple usage of man command - “ man gcc”, this will gave you full documentation of gcc (GNU c/c++ compiler/linker). Info pages are more complicated but more useful. Usage of info pages are like a man command. Other tools like Perl programming language, have specific command for their full documentation and for perl the command is perldoc ;-). And at last there is the Internet ;-). I think that human brain is a big memory, but not so big to remember all those information. But if you know how to search for it, you’ll be successful on your work.

Von silverrain, am 01.09.2011 02:00:23
RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
It's a long and tired debate, and, in my opinion, it's simply not the right approach to choosing an OS. One should choose the right tool for the job, and the job in question (as well as other considerations, such as your overall environment) should drive this choice, not the nebulous "what's better, Windows or Linux" debate. It's just not one of those questions that you can answer with anything other than "it depends". Linux/UNIX shines for the situations where a great degree of customization is required, in embedded applications (think Cisco IOS, most firewalls, or VMware ESX/ESXi), where you need to get the last bit of performance out of your hardware (for example, in high-volume email systems), things like that. One great benefit of it is transparency, which is important in secure environments. The cons include pretty crappy choice of enterprise applications (they're out there, but most of those applications aren't really enterprise-ready. Think PostgreSQL, for example, and it's considered a well-developed app in the Linux world) and the lack of expertise on the part of most admins. Basically, it's cheaper to find Windows admins than Linux admins. Support is also often spotty. You can get enterprise-level OS support from the likes of Redhat or Novell, but that doesn't extend to most applications, where support varies from "community" (in other words, the charity of strangers) to a couple of geeks in their parents' basement. When it comes to LAMP, L is generally fine, AMP is where you have a lot of issues, ranging from poor security to poor performance to poor design. Windows shines where standardized solutions are required, in the enterprise, in directory services, in the number of great enterprise apps for it (MS SQL, Exchange, TFS/Visual Studio, OCS/Linq, SharePoint, to name a few), in ease of use (and it's much easier to find admins for it. They likely won't be great admins, but they might just be good enough), and in enterprise-level support for it and the applications running on it. It also has a lot of developer support for it and the .NET platform. Another pro is the ease of integration with the more common desktop platform (which is, once again, a Windows), and with the multitude of apps for it. It's also regularly patched. The cons include the proprietary OS, making it not too suitable for highly secure environments, the higher initial resource usage (although that's often mitigated by more efficient apps), the complexity that impairs stability (although that was addressed to a great degree in Windows 2008 and especially 2008 R2), it not being as customizable and the user having less control over it, and the dependency on one vendor - Microsoft. If Microsoft decides to discontinue something, and you need it, you're screwed. Then again, it doesn't normally do things that way. I have both in my environment, and I find that Linux/UNIX and Windows complement each other pretty well. I have Linux on some app servers, some parts of the phone system run on it, most of the network infrastructure runs on it (Cisco IOS and ASA, Checkpoint, various monitoring and security devices), the SANs run on it, so does the high-volume email system, and, of course, VMware runs on it. I have Windows on most of the application servers, Web servers, database servers, file servers, corporate mail servers, and, of course, most of the desktops are Windows, as well, with some Macs (essentially re-branded FreeBSD) in the mix. As I said, the tool is chosen according to the job :)
Von silverrain, am 01.09.2011 02:04:47
RE: RE: RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
I can't say I agree with Linux providing a more stable environment. Most of the issues in an environment don't come from the OS, they come from the applications and custom code. And I found that LAMP lacks in that department. Basically, it relies almost entirely on the developers to write good code and to remember to trap errors. Windows/.NET, on the other hand, is past that approach and actually proactively finds and traps errors. So poor code in a LAMP environment is generally more likely to result in downtime than on Windows/.NET. When it comes to the OS itself, Linux is likely to be more stable. However, running the OS by itself is kinda useless, and so see above :)
Von kkacey, am 01.09.2011 03:52:44
RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
From my point of view,my profession isn't software development and i am not good at this.Majority of my friends were use Windows system due to it is easy for us to use compared with Linux would have to rememner lots of commands.Anyway whatever opreating system you choose,it is just a tool to help us to do the work.
Von adiaz2725, am 25.08.2012 03:19:11
RE: RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
Hi. I´m new in this group but I love all about tecnology, computers and IT, for my experience is better linux is more safe and the commands are easy only it needs practice
Von gwei656, am 14.02.2013 23:34:55
RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
Both of linux and Windows are used in many areas. The graphics user interface of linux is unstable. If you login in a linux operasting use the newest edition of ubuntu with graphics user interface for more than a week, you will find it don't respone. The gui of windows is more stable than linux. If you want use gui of linux you'd better use a old edition.
Von LLeo695, am 18.03.2014 03:55:38
RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
In my opinion, it depends on application senerarios and system achitecture . Generally, Linux OS is used on PHP and JAVA, but windows is used on .net
Von KRieger10, am 18.05.2014 05:45:05
RE: RE: Linux or Windows is the best for server operating system???
It's even my experience. The answer ist not "good" or "bad". Both systems Linux and Windows have his benefits.