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Von mhany49, am 12.10.2010 07:42:14
my Question


Von Mmeri13, am 12.10.2010 16:44:49
RE: my Question

Salamouallaykom brother,

I randomly saw your post.

I wanted to response as a Doctor but not specialized in Neonatology.

At first, My congratulations for your new born Baby..God bless her inchallah.

For your question, you speak here about packed cell volume (PCV)or Hematocrit (HTC) which is the fraction of whole blood volume that consists of red blood cells.

The packed cell volume (PCV) is an essential index to evaluate distressed newborn babies and often allows an early diagnosis of an hyperviscosity syndrome to be made.

So, here I can only advice you to consult as soon a pediatrician neonatologist for a suitable and right conduct Diagnosis through a good check up with analysis of the whole initial Blood test result and a realization for other Blood tests if it's needed ..

Thus a prompt Doctor's consultation is prefered for the well being of your dear Baby.

I would have the pleasure to hear from you brother , as soon incha'allah, good news about your nice dear Baby whose birthday seems to enlighten our forum ET.

May Allah keeps her for you Hany and protects her from any Evil.

My prayers for her.


Von RRobert448, am 06.07.2012 01:25:34
RE: my Question
The baby is over little!The baby was imbalance of Yin and Yang!Could,Hot can not even over body.