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Sprache: Japanese
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Leiter: samantha, Englishtown JAPAN (Administrator)

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Von YKobayashi496, am 05.05.2014 02:46:52
Hi, there.

Hi, there. I'm a new member of this group who name is Yumi. I'm from Japan.

I started this English program at April 24th, and I'm not good at English yet.

But I'd like to talk with many friends in English.

I love playing golf, watching dramas from the US,watching soccer games, reading manga, eating, cooking, and so on.

I'd like to talk with you about our hobbies!


Von wzhu2127, am 11.05.2014 00:07:58
RE: Hi, there.
yumi ,Do you remember me? i'm that boy who is from china.i haven'e contacted with you for a long time.sometimes,i miss you.
Von bxiaoc41, am 20.07.2014 23:44:39
RE: Hi, there.
Hi yumi,my name is xiaobing.I'm from China.I study english since 30 june.I work in a Japanese company.I talk with my boos in japanese.I like wacthing US dramas and reading manga as well. nice to meet you. I hope to make friends with you.
Von jjan717, am 14.11.2015 08:04:31
RE: Hi, there.
Hola and nice to meet you,Yuri. I'm Jane,just watched over the drama"New Girl" and really like it* My english not good enough too,wish us english be better and better!