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Von FLast22643, am 04.05.2014 04:34:08
nice to meet you

 Hello, I'm Kayoand a Japanese girl .

I want to talk with many people in English.

And of course because I live in Japan, ask me anything about Japan if you want.

I want make many friends!!!


Von bxiaoc41, am 20.07.2014 23:54:49
RE: nice to meet you
Hi,Kayaand.I'm xiaobing,you can call me xiao.I work in a Japanese company.I can speak japanese. But i study english at EF since last month.I'm very interested in something about Japan. I hope we can make friends.Thankyou. 始めまして、私は肖と申します。よろしくお願い致します。
Von RHertadiningtyas, am 19.09.2014 16:50:17
RE: RE: nice to meet you
Hi Kayoand, Its nice to meet you in this group. Iam Rere from Indonesia. Iam preparing to continue my study in Japan. I hope someday i can be there. Hope we could be a goof friend :)